Kant the Pirate

This piece is Kant, a pirate who learns he has the ability to control fire. He is a character in an up and coming book – the Will and the Forrest, by Demar.

Je'Kante | Character Concept

The image was digitally painted using Photoshop and my Wacom Cintique 12WX tablet. I played with a few ideas for poses – trying to find something dramatic and interesting. I also spent some time sketching concepts for a cave bear – the legendary animal Kant would be facing in this scene. Ultimately though I decided on focusing on Kant, and leaving the bear out of the image.

Kant | Thumbnail Sketches

The rough paint can be seen below. I really wanted to explore a tight monochromatic color scheme, to drive home the heat of the flames Kant was creating with his power.

Kant | Early full color painting

In this near final image I adjusted the colors a bit – to be more red, and less orange.

Kant | Near Final Draft

In the final I had some cleanup work to do on Kant’s face – I really botched it actually, so I took a break and came later with fresh eyes to fix it. It wasn’t too hard really – I have a detailed character sketch, seen above, to help guide me.

I hope you enjoyed this piece, it is one of my favorites from the last year or so.


  • Andy Brimhall

    Awesome stuff!

    • MikeMalaska

      Thanks Andy!