Gobducks and Running Turtles

The last few days I have taken some time to start drawing some creatures for my brothers book – the Will and the Forest. It is part of developing a bestiary of sorts to accompany the book.

I remember as my wife had started reading she was insanely curious about what a certain creature looked like – the Gobduck. As a result I decided that the Gobduck would be the first beast I would set out to draw. A Gobduck, in case you are wondering, is a bird-like goblin. They are usually considered to be fierce and dangerous, and an encounter with even a single Gobduck shouldn’t be taken lightly.

In addition to the Gobduck I decided to give a shot at figuring out the running turtle. One of the fastest creatures in the forest, the running turtle can actually stand and run on it’s hind-legs. Though, I suspect you are more likely to see them on all fours, searching for warm stones and wet rivers like their more lethargic cousins.

These creatures were drawn on my Surface Pro 2 in Manga Studio 5.