At Structure Studios I have been in the drivers seat of the GUI development for quite a while. Since we have a small team I don’t have any other artists to lean on for these tasks, and so I have done all of the heavy and light lifting myself.

Pool Design Stage

In our latest major update we adopted using WPF for our software’s user interface. WPF, or Windows Presentation Foundation is a system developed by Microsoft for rendering user interfaces for windows-based applications. The interfaces are built using a markup language known as XAML – and it works alot like a website it many respects.

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The primary benefit to us was that we could offload most of the User Interface tasks to a designer (me) and I could have finer control of how the software looks, without making requests to another developer to implement GUI focused software features.

Materials Library

I did however work very closely with our software engineers to ensure that the interface worked properly, and was easy to “hook up” to the rest of our software’s systems. The 2.0 interface, as I call it, took close to a year of development time, during which I continued to service the other visual/graphical needs our company had.

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There’s alot that went in to the software’s interface, so I won’t try to cover all of it here. Check out what the software can do and you will get a peek at the interface I built.