Structure Studios Hubspot Template

This website template was designed as we moved our website to be hosted by Hubspot. Hubspot brings alot of great analytic and other tracking options and other tools to help us better target our products to potential members.

The downside… Hubspot’s framework was a pain to work with. Between the time I started and finished this project they had made improvements to their website development tools, and the continue to progress. Here’s hoping they can iron it all out.

That being said, the website design was a success. The goal was to clean up our image and bring our company’s brand forward. We wanted to look more professional than we had in the past, and really showcase what makes our software unique and powerful.

We took the opportunity to make the website more interactive as well. On the software pages you can see how we highlighted  how features work with videos and images that the user can click on to see changes in 3D renders, etc. It took alot of clever CSS and some fun JS to pull off. I definitely learned alot with this one. Enjoy!

Interactive Elements Software Page Company Timeline